Jakarta : justice for dock

One of the world’s largest companies engaged in the loading and unloading of ships is systematically undermining the wages and conditions at the waterfront in Jakarta.
ICTSI is forcing workers into long, unsafe overtime — simply to earn a living wage. But union members have been denied overtime by the company, and many are now unable to meet their basic expenses, resulting in workers taking children out of school and being evicted from their homes.

ICTSI is punishing these unionised workers for standing up.

Working together with the International Transport Workers Federation, we have just launched an online campaign calling on ICTSI to pay fair wages and to stop targeting union members and their families.  Please sign up here:


And please share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.

Meanwhile, remember the Arthur Svensson international prize for trade union rights?  LabourStart won that award in 2016.  And now it’s time for the award to be given out again.  The Svensson Foundation  invites Norwegian and international unions to nominate candidates for the 2018 prize.  The award is given to individuals and organisations that have worked to promote trade union rights and organising around the world. Among the previous winners were the teachers union in Bahrain, the miners union in Mexico, textile workers in Cambodia and many more.  To learn more and to propose your candidates, go here:


Thank you!

Eric Lee

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