Palestine: Facebook must act against death threats


The IFJ has called on Facebook to take action to remove death threats against Palestinian journalists posted on the social media network. Palestinian journalists covering recent protests against the decision by the US government to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel have been targeted by online trolls.

Writing in Hebrew one post calls says: “The journalists are everywhere, remove them from the field with a bullet in the head before you kill the terrorists.”

Another urges violence against photographers documenting the demonstrations and the violence suffered by protestors stating: “ Hey guys, one comment, get out these photographers, a bullet in the leg will deter them.”

One post calls for photographers to be shot. It reads: “ We need to shoot those photographers, good thing for our forces.”

The IFJ has urged urgent action to stop the threats.

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger said: “These threats are vile and unacceptable. They amount to incitement to commit murder. Facebook talks a lot about its social responsibility now it needs to act and remove these threats and ban those who post such violent abuse.”

The IFJ also urged the Israeli authorities to act against those making the threats.

Mr Bellanger said: “The Israeli authorities have taken action against Palestinians they accuse of inciting violence not they must show they are prepared to take action against Israeli’s calling for murder. This is not an academic question – Palestinian journalist are being shot at, arrested, threatened and beaten. As long as they take no action the Israeli authorities stand accused of being complicit in such unlawful violence”.


Israeli incitment on Palestinian journalists Initiates file downloadhere.  

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