Saggio del venerdì: perché i soldati commettono crimini di guerra e cosa possiamo fare al riguardo

Friday essay: why soldiers commit war crimes – and what we can do about it Mia Martin Hobbs, Deakin University The following essay contains disturbing images and language. In 2020, the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force released the Afghanistan Inquiry into Australian Defence Force Special Forces atrocities in Afghanistan. The report – commonly known as […]

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Du sang contre des minéraux ? Les États-Unis retournent en Afghanistan à la poursuite de profits miniers

  fonte EQUALTIME Autore dell’articolo  Shadi Khan Saif An Afghan businessman checks lapis lazuli gemstones at his shop in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan, in March 2016. The brilliant blue stone is a key part of the extensive mineral wealth that is seen as the best hope for funding development of one of the world’s poorest […]

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